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We Can Help You Apply for Probate in QLD

When you apply for probate in QLD, the Supreme Court conducts due diligence to determine whether the will is legally valid. The Supreme Court then gives authority to the executors to start administrating the deceased’s estate. The executor must ensure that all documents, notices, and advertisements are done correctly, or the Supreme Court will requisite the application for probate. So, it is essential to hire an experienced solicitor to relieve you from the stress of making a probate application.

Queensland Probate lawyers are experienced in handling your application. We offer cost-effective solutions and guarantee that we will save you time and reduce hassles. We have been operating in Queensland since 2007, but our lawyers have a combined experience of over 65 years. Our team believes in equal access to high-quality legal services, which is why we have a unique, accessible, and affordable probate application process.
Apply for Probate QLD
Apply for Probate QLD

How to Apply for Probate in QLD

The last thing you need when dealing with losing a loved one is to wade through the complex legal process. Our QLD lawyers will help you apply for probate so you can move forward with your life. Our probate application services utilise the best available technology to ensure a quick and seamless application process while ensuring that your information is always secure.

Our probate application process consists of five steps. The first step involves completing an online form on this website to provide our team with your details. This is not necessary as our lawyers can take instructions directly from you. We will then assign you a lawyer who will assess your application. The third step involves obtaining and preparing the relevant documentation to smooth the process. Our lawyer will submit your application to the courts and finally notify you when the application is processed. We also provide ongoing support throughout the application process.

Let Us Help You Apply for Probate in QLD

A grant of probate permits the nominated executor of the will to legally manage and distribute a deceased person’s estate as per the directions outlined in the will. The estate often can not be accessed until the Supreme Court approves and issues a grant of probate application. The executor of the will must file for a probate application within six months of the deceased’s date of death. The application process requires many documents like an affidavit in support, certificate of exhibit, original will and death certificate. The process can be complex, especially if you do not know the law. So, hiring our experienced probate lawyers to handle the process for you is wise.

Accuracy will prevent any delays and extended processing times. The best way is to work with our lawyers to ensure a seamless process. After the probate, the executor will finalise the asset and liabilities of the estate.
Apply for Probate QLD

Do you want to apply for probate in QLD? Please speak to one of our solicitors for professional advice and services.