What is The Cost of Probate?

The total cost of Probate you might expect to see can be broken down as a number of different fees involved with a Probate application.

This includes obtaining a death certificate from the Registrar of Birth Deaths and Marriage, advertising your intention to apply for a Grant of Probate in the Queensland Law Reporter and the filing of the Supreme court Probate fees.

Queensland Probate offers a Fixed Fee Service to its clients.

Engaging one of our Probate solicitors to submit a Probate application on your behalf, means that your fees are fixed at a set price, regardless of how much time we need to put into your Probate application.

The most you will pay us to lodge a Probate application on your behalf is $2,070.35 (inclusive of GST and outlays)

The outlays we pay for you from that sum include the following:

Generally speaking, these fees and outlays are reimbursable from the estate of the deceased person.

If you contact a Probate solicitor to obtain a comparison quote regarding their fees and outlays for a Probate application, make sure they include the outlays above and any other additional fees that they may charge (i.e, postal, photocopying) — so that you can truly compare the value to Queensland Probate.


* Please note that the above outlays are subject to change from time to time and that Queensland Probate does not have any control over such changes.

** There is no guarantee that the Supreme Court will grant you Probate. Outlays are not refundable fees in the event the court does not grant you Probate.

*** The estimate is based on a simple application being made to the Supreme Court of Queensland; without complication (Simple Application).  If the matter is not, or ceases to be, a Simple Application, then any additional work required is charged at our usual hourly rates.