Deceased Estates Brisbane

Get Professional Services Concerning Deceased Estates in Brisbane

In Brisbane, a deceased estate includes assets that a person owned before their death. An asset is anything with current or potential value, including tangible property, stocks and shares, and intellectual property. Most deceased persons leave a will instructing how they want their property divided after death. If there is no such will, the estate will be divided according to the intestacy provisions in the Succession Act 1981. We have a unique, accessible, and affordable probate application service at Queensland Probate. Our team of qualified solicitors will eliminate the hassle of getting a Grant of Probate.

Queensland Probate was established in 2007 by Aeijis Legal and has grown to become among the most reliable legal firms in Queensland. We believe everyone should have access to high-quality legal services, which is why we have a seamless probate application process. Let our experienced solicitors help you with your probate application.
Deceased Estates Brisbane
Deceased Estates Brisbane

About Our Deceased Estates Service in Brisbane

Our Brisbane team is committed to assisting individuals in administering real estate transactions in deceased estates. We offer quality services in;

  • Conveyancing
  • Deed of family agreements
  • Recording the death of a joint tenant on a title
  • Transmission applications
Conveyancing involves transferring property ownership from one person to another. The process is undertaken when someone sells or buys a property and requires the expertise of a qualified conveyancing solicitor. A deed of family arrangement is a legal document that changes how a deceased person’s assets are divided between the beneficiaries. The document can change the terms of a will or the distribution under intestacy rules. A joint tenancy allows the interests in the property held by the deceased to be passed to the surviving joint tenant based on survivorship and not the provisions in the will. The transmission application permits the tenant in control of the property to transfer the deceased’s share of the property to the relevant beneficiary. Please talk to our experts to guide you through this process.
Deceased Estates Brisbane
Deceased Estates Brisbane

Your Ideal Deceased Estates Experts in Brisbane

Losing your loved one is difficult, and the responsibilities of settling the affairs of the deceased are complicated. If not necessary our lawyers can take instruction directly from you. Fortunately, our legal team will guide you through the process of obtaining a Grant of Probate with the utmost sensitivity and care. Our highly experienced probate lawyers will process your application quickly to save you time and reduce hassles.

Our application process begins by completing the online form. We will assign you a lawyer to assess your application and obtain the relevant documents. Our lawyer will submit your application to the courts and notify you when the application is processed. Let us help you administer the deceased’s estate efficiently to avoid unnecessary delays.

Please get in touch with our experts in Brisbane if you require legal advice on deceased estates.