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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are three main costs involved in Probate in Queensland. You can read a detailed cost description and breakdown on our Cost Of Probate Page Here.

On average, the Supreme Court of Queensland takes around 1 month to process probate applications. This is highly dependent on the Court’s workload at the time of applying for probate and the complexity of the application. 

With COVID-19 restrictions there could be unforeseen delays and restrictions on how and where you can apply for probate. 


After the lodgement of notice of the intended application to apply for probate in Queensland 14 days must lapse before the application can be signed and submitted to the Supreme Court of Queensland for processing.

Final wills can most often be found by contacting the will-drafting solicitor. Australia has no register of wills. 

The deceased person’s residence must also be searched thoroughly and in their personal papers, possibly at an office location as well. If you can’t find any wills you should contact accountants and banks associated with the deceased.  

If you fail to find any form of a will for the deceased please note that the Supreme Court of QLD can still issue Grants of Letters of Administration. Speak With Us to learn more.

It would be best to contact us directly and discuss the Letters of Administration. Letter of Administration is the name of another Queensland Probate Grant that is issued when no will was left behind. The appointed administrator will obtain similar powers to executors named in wills once Letters of Administration is received.

No, you are not legally obliged to act as the executor. You can renounce your role as an executor and allow another named executor to perform the necessary executorial duties, to apply for probate and administer the estate. You will have to formally renounce your executorship. Queensland Probate can assist you with this.

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