7 Telling Reasons Why To Work With Queensland Probate

Nothing can ever really prepare you when it comes to losing a loved one, but when it comes to the matter of obtaining probate and settling an estate, Queensland Probate is on hand to manage and simplify the entire process so you can say goodbye without losing sleep over dealing with complicated legal affairs yourself.

In this article, we’ll break down the 7 reasons that set us apart and why you should consider working with our team of probate solicitors in your time of need.

1. Queensland Probate Has Experienced Lawyers
Handling Your Application

The team at Queensland Probate has a combined total of 65 years of experience between them. It is our guarantee that your probate application will always be personally handled by a solicitor.

Scott Argles has been admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of Queensland for over 20 years and was previously the Director of Legal Services for the Public Trustee of Queensland.

He specializes in wills and estates litigation and has a reputation for being thorough, as you can see in our latest Google Reviews.

2. We’re Fixed Fee Lawyers

When it comes to the cost of probate and probate filing fees, we offer a fixed fee service to our clients for non-complicated probate applications.

The price we ask for lodging an application on your behalf is $1,170.00 (plus GST and predetermined Outlays). 

That is a total amount of $2,291.65 (inclusive of GST and predetermined Outlays).

This means that no matter how much time we need to put into your application, the price is set and won’t change.

When comparing our fees to other probate lawyer fees, make sure that the price includes the outlays and any other additional fees that they may charge (i.e, postal, photocopying) so you can compare the value we provide accurately.

3. Our Legal Affiliation & Responsibility

Queensland Probate is proud to be affiliated with established law firms and legal institutions in the state of Queensland that include:

  1. Aejis Legal
  2. Supreme Court of Queensland
  3. Queensland Law Society 

Being a part of the local legal community holds us to a professional level of responsibility to our fellow Queenslanders, ensuring that our solicitors uphold the rule of law and treat everyone equally and fairly.

4. Easy Probate Registry Online

Personally dealing with the probate process can be a time-consuming, complicated legal matter that causes more headaches during an already stressful situation than anything else.

To better serve our clients and help expedite the process, our team developed an online probate application form that checks to see whether you are eligible to submit a probate application.

It only takes a few minutes to submit and upon completion, our solicitors review the information and contact you to take the process forward.

5. Ongoing Support Throughout The Probate Application Process

The entire probate application process can take up to 13 weeks to complete or more depending on factors like the volume of applications that have been lodged with the court. Queensland Probate has a track record of minimising the time taken in that process, often achieving the milestone in 8 weeks. 

Our Queensland solicitors understand the frustrations involved with legal matters that take time to process, and we pledge to provide our clients with ongoing support throughout. 

This is as simple as clarifying the correct probate documents that are needed, providing regular status updates and answering any questions pertaining to probate as they arise, ensuring that you’re informed every step of the way.

6. Advanced Technology That Keeps Your Personal Information Secure

In today’s online world, keeping your personal information safe from those that would misuse it is of the utmost importance, and it is something that Queensland Probate takes most seriously.

We have implemented a system that uses advanced encryption technology to secure your data and safeguard your information online.

7. A Free Resource For Probate Information

Our probate lawyers regularly contribute to our Probate Blog, ensuring that our clients and website visitors are kept informed about the ins and out of probate, the legalities involved and how best to arm themselves in case of disputes. 

Openness and transparency are values we regard very strongly as professionals in the legal space and trust that the free information we provide serves to educate our clients and answer their questions before they make the decision to speak with us.

Need Help With Your Probate Application?

That covers our 7 reasons for why you should consider Queensland Probate with your probate application and trust that it provides you with a strong indication of what you can expect from working with us.

If you’re interested in exploring our Probate service offering, you can get in touch with our QLD solicitors via email or phone, or arrange an appointment at our offices in Brisbane.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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