Wills and Estates Services

We are here for you when it comes to Wills and Estate Administration. We offer experienced services with Wills and other documents, Administration, Will Disputes/Litigation and Enduring Powers of Attorney and Impairment.

Obtaining Grants For The Supreme Court

  1. Applications for Grants of Probate with the Will
  2. Applications for Grants of Letters of Administration with the Will
  3. Applications for Grants of Letters of Administration on Intestacy (i.e without a will)
  4. Applications for the recognition of informal wills as valid Wills

Administration of Deceased Estates

  1. Collecting assets including:

    • Money held at bank accounts, credit unions etc;
    • Superannuation proceeds;
    • Shares and equities;
    • Life insurance proceeds;
    • Unpaid wages;
    • Bonds held by nursing homes or retirement villages;
    • Compensation; and
    • Transferring real estate into the name of the administrator/executor.

  2. Selling assets including:

    • Arranging valuations;
    • Household furniture;
    • Motor vehicles;
    • Shares; and
    • Real estate.

  3. Payment of debts including:

    • Advertising for creditors;
    • Assessing whether debts are properly due and payable;
    • Loans;
    • Refunding overpaid pensions;
    Preparation and lodgement of tax returns.

  4. Providing legal advice

  5. Preparation of estate accounts for the executors and beneficiaries

  6. Distribution of the estate in accordance with the Will or rules of intestacy including:

    • Holding assets pursuant to the terms of any trust under the Will (e.g for minors or
    people with disabilities);
    • Transferring real estate to beneficiaries; and
    • Transferring shares to beneficiaries.

Real Estate Transactions in Deceased Estates

  1. Conveyancing
  2. Deeds of Family Arrangement
  3. Requests to Record Death – to record death of a joint tenant on title
  4. Transmission Applications – to transfer the deceased’s interests on title to the
    administrator/executor or beneficiary

Estate Litigation

  1. Defending estates in family provision applications
  2. Representing beneficiaries in family provision applications
  3. Bringing family provision applications against estates on behalf of disappointed beneficiaries or family members
  4. Challenging the validity of Wills
  5. Applications concerning the construction of Wills
  6. Recovering money owing to estates (e.g loans, compensation etc)
  7. Proceedings in relation to wrongful death
  8. Citation proceedings to remove executors from office

Representing Beneficiaries

  1. General representation of beneficiaries to protect their interests in estates

Making Wills, Enduring Power of Attorney etc.

  1. Drafting Wills including testamentary trusts and protective trusts
  2. Drafting Enduring Powers of Attorney for financial matters and personal matters
  3. Drafting Advance Health Directives
  4. Drafting family trusts and unit trusts
  5. Applications to QCAT for the appointment of administrators or guardians